Selected Works 


~An excerpt from Evelyn’s forthcoming novel: We weren’t allowed to have children. We weren’t allowed to give flesh to a new creation. We weren’t allowed to love, not like that. Unless we broke every rule in the book. Unless he died to the priesthood. Unless I lived in the shadows, shrouded alive.

St. Croix Valley, 1977

Gifted teacher Meg Joyce has a simple plan: marry well, make a home, guide her students with developmental delays. And, overcome the taboos racked up by her wrong-side-of-the-tracks family. She’s almost there. Until her fiancé caves to his dad’s disapproval, and a teacher strike threatens her toehold on security. In a world where women’s opportunities are limited, Meg takes a job visiting the homebound for St. Michael the Archangel parish—parishes don’t go on strike.

Far from landing in a holy refuge, Meg finds herself caught in the crosshairs between a chameleon-like priest from prayer group who comes onto her like a barfly, threatening worse, and the salt of the earth priest who turns her world upside down when they fall in love.

Against the backdrop of a Catholic Church reeling from Vatican II’s changes to long-held traditions, and secular impacts from the sexual revolution, Meg grapples with the underbelly of an institution she once trusted, a crisis of faith in God, and a reckoning with her dreams.



               Burnt Prairie

               Midwest Review, 2nd Place, Poetry Contest, University of Wisconsin-Madison Writers’ Institute, 2015

               Alma’s Sky

               Creative Wisconsin Anthology, Honorable Mention, Jade Ring Contest, Wisconsin Writers Association, 2019


               Vote Like an Inchworm, Medium.com, 2020

Children's Plays

               Performed at Milwaukee’s Irish Fest, Summerfest lakefront grounds

               The Magic Fiddle

               The Fairy Ring

               Meg’s Gold

               Shanahan and the King

               The Knight of Terrible Valley

Book Reviews

               Our Bodies Stay Home, Our Imaginations Run Free: A Covid-19 Story for Children

               by Lora Hyler

               Reviewed for Wisconsin Writers Association online blog, 2020


We live immersed in storied histories of people and places. My work is to write about them.